Attica Frigo , since 1999, is specialized in ice flake machine installations by having a exclusive cooperation and distribution for Greece with Buus Dk. These ice flake machines are mainly used to fish industries.

Ice flake is a special form of ice with a specific shape and thickness. It is a thin layer of ice resembling peel which facilitates the freeze storage of fish in special transport boxes.

There are two kinds of ice flake machines, the horizontal and the vertical one. Both contain a moving drum with aluminum surface that rotates in a water tank. While the drum is rotating it gets also freezed by the refrigeration unit. So, a crust of ice is forming in the surface of the drum and a stable knife cuts it in parts, producing the so called flakes.

In the above video you can watch ice flake production from a horizontal ice flake machine :

For more information you can download the BUUS ICE FLAKE MACHINE leaflet.

Some ice flake applications:

Horizontal ice flake machine compact type with embedded refrigeration unit

The embedded refrigeration unit