Our company

Our company undertakes industrial refrigeration projects for crafts and fruit and vegetable processing industries.

The peculiarity in the cooling of fruits and vegetables is the so-called cooling load of respiration which exists only in food
these due to the chemical processes that convert sugar and oxygen into carbon dioxide, water and heat.

Controlled Atmosphere Chambers

For this reason, controlled atmosphere chambers are used in the cooling of fruits and vegetables.
In the controlled atmosphere special technology is used which allows us to regulate the concentration of oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen as well as temperature and humidity to controlled and desired levels.

Air coolers inside the cold room

The controlled atmosphere method slows down the natural aging of fruits and vegetables.
To achieve the controlled atmosphere, special air coolers are used inside the cooling chamber

Special devices such as humidifiers


In addition, the cooling doors are also special

Which are used for the controlled atmosphere chambers with the well-known window to monitor the process and their complete tightness.

Central air conditioning

For the central air conditioning of the production areas and the refrigerators, special air coolers of the bluffoniera type are installed which will keep the area at temperatures below 18°C

In front of each chamber there is also the relevant sub-table with the corresponding automations such as:

  • Central on/off switch
  • Temperature – humidity control device
  • Insurances
  • Relay
  • Indicator lights for operation, defrost, pressure, resistors and fans

Compressor paralleling system

Refrigerating rooms and production areas with industrial air conditioning are supported by a central industrial refrigeration unit with parallel compressors (multi system)

The compressor parallel system covers both the total load of the refrigeration plant and the partial load in the event that there is no demand from all the cold rooms and production areas.

The compressor parallel system consists of all the necessary cooling devices such as :

  • Compressors
  • Oil separators
  • Depression valves
  • Liquid bottle (receiver)
  • Hydrometers
  • Liquid line filters
  • Suction filters
  • Accumulators
  • Oil circuit with valve, indicator, float and magnetic valve

The system comes with a central electrical panel that contains all the necessary provisions for the main and auxiliary circuits such as :

  • main switch
  • insurances
  • time relays
  • thermal relays
  • power relay
  • Clems
  • Operation and fault indicator lights
  • Voltage monitor
  • Compressor controller

Central electrical panel of multi system refrigerating machine