Attica Frigo

has deep and broad expertise in the field of industrial refrigeration for fish farming and fish packing industries.

Refrigeration facilities

A fish farming and fish packing industry is labor intensive and complex.

The production areas must be air conditioned for this and in these cases we proceed with industrial air conditioning solutions

Air coolers of the bluffoniera type

In the central air conditioning, special air coolers of the bluffoniera type are installed which will keep the room at temperatures below 18°C.

Freeze chamber

Cold rooms for a fish farming and fish packing industry are preservation and freezing.

Cold room air cooler

In each refrigerating chamber, an air cooler is placed with a refrigerating load corresponding to the products of the chambers, the requested temperature, the inlet temperature.

It is worth noting that:

In chambers and production areas where the entrails of the fish are exposed, a special air cooler is required, either stainless steel or with epoxy paint to avoid damage to their metal parts caused by the release of ammonia solutions .

At Attica Frigo we also supply:

the cooling doors of the chambers as well as the various doors of the production areas such as swing doors and opening ones.

In front of each chamber there is also the relevant sub-table with the corresponding automations such as:

  • Central on/off switch
  • Temperature – humidity control device
  • Insurances
  • Relay
  • Indicator lights for operation, defrost, pressure, resistors and fans

Compressor paralleling system

Cold rooms and production areas with industrial air conditioning are supported by a central industrial refrigeration unit with parallel compressors (multi system)

The compressor paralleling system consists of all the necessary cooling devices such as:

  • Compressors
  • Oil separators
  • Depression valves
  • Liquid bottle (receiver)
  • Hydrometers
  • Liquid line filters
  • Suction filters
  • Accumulators
  • Oil circuit with valve, indicator, float and magnetic valve

The system is accompanied by a central electrical panel that contains all the necessary devices for the main and auxiliary circuits such as:

  • main switch
  • insurances
  • time relays
  • thermal relays
  • power relay
  • Clems
  • Operation and fault indicator lights
  • Voltage monitor
  • Compressor controller

Ice machine

Our company, as it is quite specialized in the field of fish farming, also offers ice machines that produce scales for storing the fish in boxes during their transport.

Refrigerating unit

Along with the ice machine, the refrigerating unit is offered under a compressor parallel system to fully cover its total and partial load.