Our Company

undertakes cold storage projects for cheese and dairy industries in general.

Especially cheeses, such as cheddar for example, and depending on the storage range and type of product,
have a storage temperature range of 0°C – 4.4°C with a relative humidity of 65% with a calculated time
storage for 6 – 12 months.

Centrifugal type humidifier

To effectively regulate humidity levels, a centrifugal type humidifier can be used which creates a frozen mist of micro-droplets.

Refrigerating doors

Our company also provides the sliding cooling doors for the chambers

Swing doors

As well as the swing doors for the production areas.

Electrical subpanel

In front of each chamber there is also the relevant sub-table with the corresponding automations such as:

  • Central on/off switch
  • Temperature – humidity control instrument
  • Safety
  • Relay
  • Power, defrost, pressure, resistor and fan indicators

Bluffonier type air coolers

For production areas when cooling is required, we proceed with the installation of industrial air conditioning using special air coolers of the bluffoniera type.

Multi system

Cold rooms and production areas with industrial air conditioning are supported by a central industrial refrigeration unit with parallel compressors (multi system)

Compressor paralleling system

The compressor parallel system covers both the total load of the refrigeration plant and the partial load in the event that there is no demand from all the cold rooms and production areas.

The compressor parallel system consists of all the necessary cooling devices such as :

  • Compressors
  • Oil separators
  • Depression valves
  • Liquid bottle (receiver)
  • Hydrometers
  • Liquid line filters
  • Suction filters
  • Accumulators

  • Oil circuit with valve, indicator, float and magnetic valve

The system comes with a central electrical panel that contains all the necessary devices for the main and auxiliary circuits such as :

  • main switch
  • insurances
  • time relays
  • thermal relays
  • power relay
  • Clems
  • Operation and fault indicator lights
  • Voltage monitor
  • Compressor controller