History – Major Landmarks

To provide our clients with the best and most qualitative technical propositions and solutions concerning the industrial refrigeration and air conditioning field.

To be a positive link in our clients value chain.

To provide our employees a safe and friendly context for their professional development and progress.

To be a cradle of stability and confidence for our suppliers.

Being a positive exemplar of entrepreneurship in modern market.

Being a high standard of technical expertise for all those who are interested and participate to our professional field.

Contributing in an efficient manner at the general fight against climate change as well as at the quality and safety of food industry.

Respect to the values and personalities of the people we work with.

Cooperation enable us to harness the dynamics and wealth of industrial relations for better collective results.

Consistency to do every time what has to be done, like has to be done, whenever has to be done.

Integrity to what we say and what we do.

Reliability ,which is present to the core of every action of us, because whatever we do we always want that to be effective and useful.

Creativity for finding every time the best solutions to our clients problems.

Learning the new demands of business and technical environment in order to become every time better and useful than the previous one.

Confidence to our people and to the people we cooperate with.

Sense of honor (philohonor- friend of honor) guide us to support all those who support us and to be there where our clients need us.

Responsibility that characterizes every action of us, is always in accordance with the demands for effectiveness, quality, safety and hygiene.

Our Team

Perikles Geo. Vrouvas
Perikles Geo. VrouvasVice President of Attica Frigo SA
Perikles G. Vrouvas is the son of founder George Vrouvas and is working to the company from 2005. His desire is about continuous development of the company’s know how, input of new technologies and constant improvement of the company’s relationships with the stakeholders.

Graduate of Financial Management Engineering of Aegean University, with a MSc in Human Resources Management, avid adorer of Systems Thinking, is occupied with the preparation of technoeconomic studies concerning industrial refrigeration and air conditioning works as well as the design of project management of those works the company has to accomplish.

Despoina Kourasi
Despoina KourasiPresident of Attica Frigo SA
Despoina Kourasi is the wife of founder George Vrouvas and she is working to the company from 1994. Her passion is for Attica Frigo to keep up providing high quality of specialized technical services in the legacy of George Vrouvas.

Graduate of Political Sciences of Panteion University, she is involved in the financial management of the company.

Spyros Veroutis
Spyros Veroutis
constitutes the new generation of executives in the company and is working from 2015. He finds meaning to and works for the organization and administration of all the management functions of Attica Frigo.

Graduate of Business Administration of Aegean University with a broad interest at Information Technology he administers the state of the art financial management system of the company.

Anastasios Doukas
Anastasios DoukasDirector of technical workshop and Chief of technician’s team
Anastasios Doukas is the older member of the technician’s team and he is at the company since 1993. Being as one of those technicians who personally trained by the founder George Vrouvas and gained the know how , has a broad and deep spectrum of technical knowledge and skills not only to refrigeration but to other fields related like electrics, manufacture engineering, hydraulics.

Graduate of the Vocational High School of Elefsis and Refrigeration Techician Foreman, with an intense desire to find solution to every technical problem, he directs from the technical level all the projects Attica Frigo contracts, supports and coordinates the members of the company’s technical team.

Members of the Technical Team

Konstantinos Mavrakis
Vasilis Solinaraios
George Charitos
Spiros Nikolopoulos